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Soda Springs, Idaho is located in the mile-high Bear River Valley, 50 miles north of the Utah boarder and 30 miles west of the Wyoming state line. Mountains of the Caribou and Cache National Forests overlook the city, which is bordered on the west by the cool, clear Bear River.


Native Americans once called the Bear River Valley "tosoiba", which means "the land of sparkling waters." Early explorers and trappers visited the valley to drink water from the effervescing soda springs for which the city was named.


While farming and ranching are still important industries, Soda Springs's dominate economic industries are now open pit phosphate mining and manufacturing the ore into elemental phosphorus and commercial fertilizers. The Monsanto Company produces elemental phosphorus used in producing soft drinks, toothpaste, baking and leavening agents, water treatment chemicals, insecticides and herbicides. Agrium manufactures a variety of commercial fertilizers, most of which are phosphate-based.


Soda Springs Idaho controls much of its own energy supply. The city owns two hydroelectric power plants and canals.


2010 Population: 3,058

2010 Median Age: 37.8



Record High: 1010 F

Average Summer High: 820F

Average Winter High: 380F

Average Winter Low: 200F

Record Low: -370F

Average Annual Precipitation: 15.7"


Soda Springs Chamber of Commerce  

9 West 2nd South, Soda Springs, ID 83276  

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